Mid-Week Visitor

Presbyterian Mid-Week Visitor

June 9, 2022

Thank you to everyone who come to the church during the Red Cross Blood Drive that was held on Monday. We had a total of 22 donors, which contributed a total of 24 units of blood, 11 of these were first time donor. That 24 units of blood has the potential to save 72 lives.

Also Thank You to Ted and Connie Hawkins for putting down new mulch in the church flower bed. It looks very nice.

The next Women’s Association meeting will be held on Thursday, June 9th at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Connie Hawkins. Hostesses will be Connie Hawkins and Kim Feltner.

Oliva Lueking, granddaughter of Jane Lueking, will be competing in the NCAA Track and Field championships in Eugene, Oregon on Thursday, June 9th. Olivia is a freshman at the University of Oklahoma and will be competing in the pole vault. Olivia currently holds the university’s indoor pole vault record of 14’6”.

The Women’s Association will be serving the Legion Dinner on Friday, June 10th at the American Legion. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to provide food for this dinner. Please have all food to the American Legion before 5:00 p.m.

The 44th Annual Tasting Luncheon will be held on Friday, June 24th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This year’s Tasting Luncheon promises to serve up great food for all to sample. This year’s recipes include Apple Snicker Salad, Raspberry Gelatin Ring, Rice & Spinach Salad, Creamy Penne with Vegetables, Dilled Baby Carrots, gingered Peas & Water Chestnuts, Manicotti, Baked Zucchini with Parmesan Casserole, Slow-Cooke Golden Chicken, Chocolate Molasses cookies, Lemon Meringue Cake, and No Bake Banana Split Dessert. Recipe books with this year’s recipes will be available for $2.00. Tickets will be $8.00 in advance or $9.00 at the door. Please contact a church lady or call the church office at 812-384-8424 to get your tickets now. Dine-in, carry-out and delivers (in the Bloomfield area) are available.

Volunteers are needed to help make the recipes and to work, please see Alicia Holt if you would like to help.

The Trustees will be meeting on Monday June 13th at 6:00 p.m. in the Seekers Room.

The Session will be meeting on Wednesday, June 29th at 6:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.

For 70 years, Camp Pyoca has been hosting summer camps for youth in our presbytery. Summer camp there is a time of spiritual formation, connecting faith with nature, and forming new relationships with peers.

Our session believes that these opportunities are important, and has voted for the church to pay the full cost for any of our youth to attend.

Check out the schedule and registration information at https://pyoca.org/summer-camp/ or contact the church office for helping getting your child registered.

From the Pastor's Pen

We live our lives in seasons.

Seasons of learning.

Seasons of working.

Seasons of caring for others and of being cared for.

Seasons of illness.

Seasons of rest.

Seasons of gathering and of letting go.

Once upon a time, communities were much more likely to live along with the rhythm of agriculture and the seasons of preparation, growth, harvesting, and fallowness. We were attuned to the seasons in a way that I think has been lost. Now, technology and globalization have made it possible for us to do all things at all times. Crops are always in season somewhere. You can always travel to a beach for vacation somewhere. You can always gather together online, no matter the weather or obstacles in the way.

I’m not suggesting these advancements are all bad; indeed, many of them are wonderful, and I would not want to live without them.

But being able to do all the things all the time can also make us feel as though we must do all the things all the time. That’s exhausting. And impossible.

This is why I am grateful for the reminder of the seasons in the liturgical (worship) calendar. The rhythm of the church year teaches us that:

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

In the church year, we are now entering the long season of ordinary time, when we are neither preparing for an event in the life of Jesus, nor celebrating such an event. In ordinary time, we are living more deeply into wherever it is we are in our faith and our lives. That also means that we are not trying to live into other seasons of preparation, or gathering, or celebration or whatever else we are told that we should be doing.

If we were plants, we would be stretching our roots more deeply into the soil that sustains us and holds us up. And we would be lifting our bodies and spirits in gratitude to the elements that nourish us. We would be celebrating communion with the animals, insects, and other plants that live in relationship with us.

That is my hope for us this season—that we may invest our energy only in what the season calls us to do, and not in everything else that we could do, but that isn’t part of God’s call in our lives right now.

What season are you living in?

What is God calling you to do here and now?

And what is God calling you to let go of, so that you may truly live into your season?

In gratitude,

Pastor Hana

Bible Trivia

1.) As Jesus had promised before ascending to heaven, the Holy Spirit came to the disciples to guide and strengthen them. Which Jewish feast day did the Holy Spirit come one?

A.) Hanukkah B.) Passover C.) Pentecost D.) Purim

2.) There appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. Which other sign accompanied this event?

A.) A choir of angels singing B.) The sound of rushing wind

C.) A dazzling white light D.) A fierce thunderstorm

3.) The disciples began speaking in tongues and each person in the crowd heard them speak of the wonders of God in his own language. However, some people in the crowd were skeptical. What did these skeptics say?

A.) “Surely this is the work of Satan.” B.) “They are merely making strange noises.”

C.) “They have had too much wine.” D.) “They have lost their minds.”

4.) What time of day did this event occur?

A.) 9:00 a.m. B.) 10:30 a.m. C.) Noon D.) 6:00 p.m.

5.) What does the Trinity refer to in Christian doctrine?

A.) The existence of 3 separate Gods: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

B.) The 3 ages of history, ruled separately by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

C.) The coexistence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the unity of one God

D.) The 3 dominions of the kingdom of God, ruled separately by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

6.) What role does the Father play in the Trinity?

A.) Christ, God in Human form B.) Prince of the angels, keeper of the gates of heaven

C.) Creator and sustainer of the universe D.) Counselor, helper, comforter

7.) What role does the Son play in the Trinity?

A.) Christ, God in Human form B.) Prince of the angels, keeper of the gates of heaven

C.) Creator and sustainer of the universe D.) Counselor, helper, comforter

8.) What role does the Holy Spirit play in the Trinity?

A.) Christ, God in Human form B.) Prince of the angels, keeper of the gates of heaven

C.) Creator and sustainer of the universe D.) Counselor, helper, comforter

1.) C 2.)B 3.) C 4.) C 5.) C 6.) C 7.) A 8.) D