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August 6, 2020


August Birthdays:  Randall Burcham 13th, Erin May 13th, Bonnie Jackson 16th, Melinda Hendrix 17th,

Miranda May 19th, Curt Vandeventer 22nd, Sophie Phelps 24th, Grant Burcham 26th,

Maddie Stone 29th, Cheri Stone 30th, Christie Dennen 31st, Allison Kight 31st


August Anniversaries: Tim & Melinda Hendrix 13th, Bob & Bonnie Jackson 15th,

A Specially Called Congregational meeting was held this past Sunday, August 2nd. The purpose of the meeting was to elect an Elder to Session to fill the unexpired term of Deb Cullison. Phil Moss was elected to fill this position and the church thanks him for doing this. Phil will be ordained and installed to the Session on Sunday, August 9th during worship service.

Rural King is relaunching an old program called "Church Week". With this program Rural King will donate 10% of all qualifying receipts turned in, back to the organization of the customer's choice. Church Week runs August 2nd through August 15th. During Church Week, customers can choose an organization to donate to and begin uploading their receipts. All receipts must be uploaded to by September 1, 2020. After that Rural King will donate 10% of each receipt's total to the organization of your choosing. Look for our church under First Presbyterian Church of Greene County.

We invite everyone to join us on Sunday mornings as we, once again, open the church building back up for in-person worship services. However, we are still making our worship services available by video for anyone who is not comfortable attending in-person worship services at this time. For those attending we do ask that anyone over the age of 2, please wear a mask while in the building and abide by social distancing guidelines by maintaining at least 6 feet from those who are not in your family. We will be sending out the bulletin to everyone via email that you may print out and bring with you to service. There will be some bulletins available at the church.

We have made a few changes at the church to help prevent the spread of any illnesses. For the time being we have blocked off every other pew to help maintain social distancing. Also parts of the church building have been blocked off and we ask that you do not go into Fellowship Hall or the kitchen area. The restrooms will be open for one person to use at a time and the nursery is available for diaper changes only.

It is that time of year again when we will start seeing those bring yellow school buses out on the roads again. Most of our area school students will be returning to school next week. Let us pray that all, students and teachers, have a safe return to classes.

Even with the schools being closed, the church is still collecting the plastic bottle caps. These caps will be going to the Class of 2025 to provide a handicapped accessible picnic table for the school in honor of one of their class members who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy.

With all these closings going on our Little Free Library remains open for your reading enjoyment. Feel free to stop by and see what it holds, you may find something interesting to read or maybe even a puzzle or two to help keep you busy during this time of quarantine.

Our Little Free Library is currently in need of some new books, especially children's books. If you have any books you would like to donate to the Little Free Library please leave them on narthex table.

If you are able to continue offering your regular financial gifts to the church, we would greatly appreciate you doing so. Your offerings, help pay the church bills, and helps the church continue in its ministry with healthy finances. Please mail them to 1st Presbyterian Church, Attn: LuAnne Allen, PO Box 431, Bloomfield, IN 47424

The Food Pantry at the Frist Baptist Church is still open for business, and welcoming donations. Since we are not able to bring donation to our church building at this time, you can bring them to them to the side door along the alley of FBC during pantry hours (Tues., Wed., Thurs. 9:00-11:00 a.m. and Tues. 4:30-6:00 p.m.), Knock on the door and leave them there.

If you need food, you can walk up to fill out paperwork, and then a box of food will be delivered to your vehicle.

Please note that hours are subject to change, since the Food Pantry is staffed by volunteers.

We hope that everyone in our church family is getting along well during this time of Covid-19. However if you are having any financial or food difficulties due to Covid-19 or any other reason, do not hesitate to reach out to Pastor Hana or one of the members of Session.

Sunday Worship Service Attendance:

          July 26:                        26

          August 2nd:      28



A Note from the Pastor

This week I participated in a webinar about how small congregations (under 200 members) can adapt and thrive during this pandemic. Karl Vaters, a small church pastor and consultant, has talked with dozens of churches since the pandemic began in March of this year, and he noted that the churches that are doing best in this time have certain characteristics in common. As he went through these characteristics, I was delighted to note that all for characteristics apply to our congregation:

1) Congregations doing well in this time have resources, and especially cash, in reserve. We are a financially healthy congregation that is able to continue in ministry during times of economic distress, in part because we do have healthy reserves. And the finance committee is currently working to steward our finances even better in ways that are economically sound, while also allowing us to be generous and life-giving in our congregation and community.

2.) Congregations that thrive during difficult times have team based leadership. They are not run completely through the pastor, but have plenty of opportunity for members of the congregation to take ownership and leadership. This means that the pastor is less likely to burn out, and that the congregation will not fall apart should the pastor leave. Presbyterians are all about team-based leadership, with committees and councils galore. Our congregation has wonderful leaders in its ruling elders, trustees, committee members Women's Association, and others. You all do the bulk of the work of the church, and you do it well.

3.) In challenging times, congregations that thrive are adaptable. They are able to make necessary changes to the way they do things without much, if any, resistance. It's difficult to argue that there has never been a time when we have needed to make such massive changes to how we do things. I have been so impressed by your willingness to try new things, to experiment, to make the best of it. Together, we're figuring it out.

4.) Finally, congregations that thrive in challenging times express unity. This doesn’t mean that everyone agrees. It does mean that even if folks don't agree with all the leadership decisions, they are agreeable, and in general will go along to get along. This kind of unity is marvelous because it frees up time and energy that might be spent arguing, and instead, we can focus on the real mission of the church-to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and serve him in the world.

For all of the ways that each of you contributes to this adaptable and thriving congregation and community, I am so thankful. It continues to be a joy to work with you and for you.





Church Information

Pastor: Rev. Hana Elliott

Secretary' Hours: Mondays, Thursdays, and Friday – 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Church Website:

Facebook: First Presbyterian Church of Bloomfield

Bloomfield Presbyterian Women's Association

Church E-mail:

Presbyterian Church (USA):


Women's Association Local Service Committee for June/July/August

Jane Lueking – Chair, Kim Feltner, Kayla Hendrix, Kortnie Hendrix, Diana Jackson,

Barbara Myers, Becky Noel, Kara Talbott


Serving on the Lord's Day


Worship Leader: t


Worship Leader:



Mr. Bob Burch, Mrs. Rose Floyd, Mrs. Ardith Richardson


Weekly Scripture Readings

August 9th

August 16th

Genesis 37: 1-4, 12-28

Genesis 45: 1-15

Psalm 105: 1-6, 16-22, 45b

Psalm 133

Romans 10: 5-15

Romans 11: 1-2a, 29-32

Matthew 14: 22-33

Matthew 15: (10-20) 21-28


Church Officers and Administration




LuAnne Allen, Financial Secretary

LuAnne Allen, Worship

Teresa Bohn

Susan Isenogle, Secretary

Brian Gainey, Finance

Austin Harrah

LuAnne Allen, Sunday School Sec.

David Holt, Clerk

Pete Isenogle

Connie Hawkins, Treasurer

Jane Lueking, Membership

Cheri Stone


Brent Stone, Christian Ed






Prayer Reminders

Missing: Marina Boelter

Cancer Treatment:  Jim Allen, Weston Cullison, Cathy Edwards (Alicia Holt), Jim Floyd (LuAnne Allen), Rodney Harris (Theresa Chesnut), Vincent Lee (Deb Cullison), Jim Lueking, David Oliphant (Becky Noel), Riley Osman Gary Pearson.

Immediate Concerns: Shirley Duke (Cheri Stone), Angie Gaw (Deb Cullison), Doris Inman, Diane Jackson, Emily Jewell (Susan Isenogle), Michelle LeGrand, Dave Schulte, Sean Vandeventer, Paul Will (Bobbi Vandeventer)

Missionaries: Amanda (East Asia), Full Life Development and Market Place Ministry (Thailand)

Nursing Homes and on-going concerns: Patty Buescher, Lois Corwin, Plato Spencer (Bobbi Vandeventer)

American Troops: Garret Allen, Will Miller, Zachary Vandeventer


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