Presbyterian Mid-Week Visitor

April 8, 2021


April Birthdays: Addison Buckler 15th,Liam Harrah 15th, Luke Vandeventer 16th,

Beth Burcham 22nd, Austin Harrah 23rd,

May Birthdays: Taylor Peterson 1st, Chris Hawkins 3rd, Ruby Myers 5th, Wade Cullison 6th,

Jean Moss 8th, Silas & Rhett Hendrix 9th, Ella Feltner 9th


April Anniversaries: Austin Harrah & Alicia Holt 9th

Full Life Development will be gearing up for the Annual Plant sales, with Potting Day on Saturday, April 10th at Bradfield’s Landscaping starting at 9:00 a.m. Volunteers are needed to help pot the plants that turn into beautiful flowering pots. FLD will begin taking orders for these plants after Potting Day and they will be available for pick up Mother’s Day weekend.

The Women’s Association will be resuming meetings on Thursday, April 8th. We are planning on starting up where we left off last year with the Pre-Tasting Dinner starting at 6:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. This dinner will feature vegetables and desserts. The women are starting to make plans to hold the Tasting Luncheon this year on Friday, June 25th as a carry-out or drive-thru only event. So, we are asking all the ladies to start digging out those recipes and start cooking!

The Session will be meeting on Wednesday, April 14th, at 6:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.

Our church will be hosting Soup on Saturday on April 24th. This is a wonderful way to share God’s love with others in our community. Volunteers are needed to provide soup, sandwiches, desserts, drinks, and to work. Please see the sing-up sheet on the narthex table to volunteer.

The Church’s Annual Congregational meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 25th following worship service. Copies of the Annual Report are available on the narthex table.

The Trustees have been busy preparing the manse to be put up on the market for sale. There is a round table in the basement of the manse that has been there for many years. Also there is two older wooden chairs, one is in good condition, but the back is broken on the other one. The trustees would like to know if anyone is interested in taking this table or the chairs or both. Please let one of the trustees or the church office know if you would be interested in this table.

This past Easter Sunday, many of our members shared their beautiful Easter Lilies with the congregation. These Lilies were in memory of loved ones that have entered into their Heavenly homes. Name of those remembered were listed in the bulletin. In case you were not able to celebrate Easter Sunday with us, the following is the list of names who the Lilies were placed for:

Lula Allen                           Max Floyd                                         Rich & Carol Hawkins

Max Mowery                      Roy From                                           Dennis & Daniel Bates

Jim Lueking                         Doug Richardson                               Myrtle & Albert Jackson

Mabel Keys                          Our Loved Ones                                 Paul & Alma Ruth Lueking

Eric Harrah                         MaryAnn Wilcoxon                          Walter & Virginia Haney

Peg Harrah                          Ed & Laura McElroy                       George, Louis, & Mary Krohe

Barbara Myers                     Lowell & Virgie Holt                        William & Joan Richardson

The Teen Class would like to say “Thank You” to everyone who donated candy for the Sunday School Easter Egg Hunt that was held Sunday morning during Sunday School.



A Note from the Pastor 

On Sunday, March 28, our Smock Initiative Leadership Team (Grant Burcham, Melinda Hendrix, Alicia Holt, and Cheri Stone) presented the congregation with a new project:

To celebrate our bicentennial by completing 2,023 hours of volunteer/mission work as a congregation by June 2023.

The team felt that this project would embrace the congregation’s identity and historic involvement with mission work and volunteerism of all kinds.

It’s an ambitious goal, to be sure, but Melinda calculated that if 25 folks in the congregation each do 2.2 hours of mission every month, we can reach that goal. What counts as a mission hour?

Any time you volunteer to this congregation, or the community of Bloomfield, or to the world at large.

Soup on Saturday. Potting Day. Cooking for Tasting Luncheon. Writing cards to shut-ins. Volunteering with Family Life Center. Or 4-H. Or vaccination clinics. Donating blood. Donating books to a Little Free Library. Donating to the Food Pantry. Roadside Cleanup. Taking food to a neighbor in need. Participating in a charity race.

If you are giving of your time, your energy, your gifts in the service of others, you are doing mission work.

Every 3 months, we plan to have a different focus for mission opportunity, with a group project for the congregation as a whole to participate in, as well as suggestions for ways that you can engage in that mission area as an individual.

Each Sunday during worship, we will celebrate the mission work that we are doing as part of the presentation of our offering. There will be slips of paper for you to fill out with the volunteer hours that you have completed during the previous week. After the Call to Offering, you will be invited to come forward to put one piece of money (a coin of any size, or even a bill) into the birthday offering jar for each hour of volunteer work that you have completed that week, and to place your completed slip of paper in an offering plate.

Over the next many months, we will watch our offerings pile up, and we will celebrate the ways that we are connected to one another and to God through our mission. At the end of our project, we will have a sum of money that can be used for a project in honor of the congregation’s 200th anniversary.

If you have suggestions for individual or group mission projects, please let a member of the team know.

Likewise, if you have questions about how you can participate, please ask a member of the team!

For almost 200 years, this congregation has been making memories through missions, and thereby testifying to the new life of God in our midst. We look forward to the continued making of memories through the offering of our lives.



Pastor Hana


* We have T-shirts! If you have not yet picked up a T-shirt, they are in the Fellowship Hall. If your size isn’t available, let us know. We plan to order more!

Church Information

Pastor: Rev. Hana Elliott

Secretary' Hours: Mondays, Thursdays, and Friday – 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Church Website:

Facebook: First Presbyterian Church of Bloomfield

Bloomfield Presbyterian Women's Association

Church E-mail:

Presbyterian Church (USA):


Women's Association Local Service Committee for March/April/May

Ardith Richardson-Chair, LuAnne Allen, Rose Floyd, Doris From, Nancy Kirk,

Jean Moss, Lola Mowery, Karen Ruggles


Serving on the Lord's Day


Church Attendance

March 28th


April 4th



Weekly Scripture Readings

April 11th

April 18th

Acts 4:32-35

Acts 3:12-19

Psalm 133

Psalm 4

1 John 1:1-2:2

1 John 3:1-7

John 20:19-31

Luke 24:36b-48


Church Officers and Administration




LuAnne Allen, Financial Secretary

LuAnne Allen, Worship

Teresa Chesnut

Susan Isenogle, Secretary

Brian Gainey, Finance

Austin Harrah

LuAnne Allen, Sunday School Sec.

David Holt, Clerk

Pete Isenogle

Connie Hawkins, Treasurer

Bonnie Jackson, Membership

Cheri Stone


Phil Moss, Missions



Brent Stone, Christian Ed



Prayer Reminders

Missing: Marina Boelter

Cancer Treatment: Jim Allen, Weston Cullison, Vincent Lee (Deb Cullison), Karen Luessow (Bobbi Vandeventer), Riley Osman, Sandy Skinner (Deb Cullison).

Immediate Concerns: Levi Chisholm, Curt Cullison, Debbie Dyer, Rose Floyd, Walter Lee Haney (Phyllis Holt), Sue Lorimer, Samantha McKinney (Deb Cullison), Courtney Oakes (Deb Cullison), Barbara Scott

Missionaries: Amanda (East Asia), Full Life Development and Market Place Ministry (Thailand)

Nursing Homes and on-going concerns: Patty Buescher, Lois Corwin

American Troops: Garret Allen, Will Miller, Zachary Vandeventer




Bible Trivia


1.) Easter Sunday is a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead after being crucified. Who condemned Jesus to die on the cross?

            A.) The elders of the temple                         B.) The chief priests

            C.) The Roman Emperor                                D.) The Roman Governor


2.) Who was forced to carry Jesus’ cross by the Roman soldiers?

            A.) Joseph of Arimathea                               B.) Barabbas

            C.) Pontius Pilate                                           D.) Simon of Cyrene


3.) Who was NOT among the first to discover, on the following Sunday morning, that Jesus had risen from the dead?

            A.) Mary Magdalene                                      B.) Mary, mother of James

            C.) Simon Peter, the disciple                         D.) Thomas, the disciple


4.) Which of Jesus’ disciples refused, at first, to believe that Jesus had risen?

            A.) James                                            B.) John

            C.) Peter                                             D.) Thomas


5.) On Sunday evening, the day Jesus’ tomb was found empty, His disciples were gathered together behind locked doors. Suddenly, Jesus was standing there with them. What did He say to the disciples?

            A.) “Repent, the kingdom of God is near!”             B.) “You are the light of the world!”

            C.) “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted!”              D.) “Peace be with you!”


6.) On another occasion, the risen Jesus appeared to His disciples by the Sea of Galilee. What miracle did Jesus work there?

            A.) Healing of Peter’s mother-in-law            B.) A miraculous catch of fish

            C.) Walking on the water                              D.) Calming a storm on the sea


7.) Jesus said to Peter, “Feed my Lambs.” What did He mean by that?

            A.) Do many works of charity to show God’s love.             B.) Be a protector of all god’s creatures.

            C.) Be a leader of Christian believers.                      D.) Take care of Jesus’ Mother, Mary.


8.) Which was another place where the risen Jesus appeared to His disciples?

            A.) At the temple in Jerusalem                                 B.) At a well in Samaria

            C.) At His home in Nazareth                                     D.) On a mountain in Galilee


1.) D    2.) D    3.) D    4.) D    5.) D    6.) B     7.) C     8.) D



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